Looking for a Company to Wrap Your Car?

You've come to the right place for vehicle vinyl wraps in Lafayette, LA & all of Acadiana

Does your car blend into the sea of black, white and gray vehicles on the road? Grafx Plus can make your vehicle stand out. We can upgrade the look of your personal car or add your company logo to a fleet of work vans. Our team has the equipment needed to install vehicle vinyl wraps on any vehicle, from box trucks to trailers and everything in between.

To learn about our options for trailer wraps in Lafayette, LA & all of Acadiana contact us today.

Need ideas for your vehicle wrap?

Whether you want smart car or trailer wraps, Grafx Plus can help. We have a variety of vehicle vinyl wraps in different sizes. Not sure which wrap options would be best for you? Consider adding:

  • Racing stripes to the sides of your sports car
  • Your company motto to the back of your work van
  • Color accents that make your car easy to find in any parking lot
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